On Gaslighting & Domestic Violence trends.

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Conceivably because of all the exposure it’s presently enjoying via the various social media platforms; the expression "gaslighting" has recently become a bit of a viral buzzword in the industry. Suggestive perhaps, that it is a new discovery, and thus a new pathology? Well, not exactly…

The above term references the 1944 black & white film "Gaslight". In which a husband seeks to drive his wife insane via (amongst other premeditated acts) the gradual turning down of their gas powered lighting, primarily in the drawing room. Calmly refuting that he hadn't notice any reduction in the room's illumination, etc.

Consequently, this adage has become synonymous with any aspect of manipulative behaviour to be found within relationships. However, insofar as some 3000 years ago, King Solomon is credited with writing "there is nothing new under the sun"; likewise there is nothing new to see here.

In medicine things rarely go from physiological to pathological in one fell swoop. That is to say, there exists a spectrum of activity. Most manipulative, entirely self-serving behaviours may be attributed to being located along a continuum of personality adaptations/disorders of which narcissism is one such example. A condition which the signs, symptoms and behavioural issues thereof have long since been established.

Domestic Violence:

Although a very great deal could be written here on this enormously important topic; instead all I will say is, much in the same way as 99% of anger (actually alcohol symptomology as well, for that matter) that presents is not (merely) "anger"; the true origins of the domestic violence situation will also fall under that 99% umbrella.

So, it becomes once again of paramount importance that the real behaviour be correctly identified immediately so that the appropriate intervention be devised.

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