Why Choose Analysis WA?

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Because selecting experienced and professional psychotherapeutic help is really not like buying a new car.

Like me, I’m sure you have all known immensely diligent, highly conscientious and very proficient plumbers (for example); people who truly deliver in all areas. However, it is equally possible to happen upon their polar-opposite: the completely shocking individual who, in point of fact, creates more problems that they were recruited to fix in the first place. Having spent a lifetime in the mental health arena, I am deeply ashamed to admit that equally, the medical profession is unfortunately no different to any other.

Put somewhat differently: Should one day you decide that a new Ford Fiesta is your ideal car. When you go shopping for one, you will be guaranteed the completely identical vehicle at all Ford dealerships within Perth. Here, and once again to our very great shame, the automotive industry is also more successful than us; for you will find that what constitutes the “Ford Fiesta” will differ enormously from practice to practice.

Therefore, although it is wholly understandable to assume that all Counselling & Psychotherapy practices are identical, and therefore all mental health clinicians are equally capable of delivering the same outcome; the uncomfortable truth of the matter is, they aren’t and don’t.

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