Anger Management Classes Perth

anger management classes perth

On "Anger Management Classes" -
An open letter from the Principal Psychotherapist at Analysis WA.

"Hi, I’m looking for Anger Management classes; do you guys run these…?"

The above question is one frequently asked here. As such we may conclude two things. Firstly, not only is there great demand for such courses; but secondly, there definitely exists a commonly held belief that anger can be adequately addressed en masse via a classroom format. Although I don’t know where this notion originates (films perhaps?); what I do know, is that in my personal experience and professional opinion, it cannot possibly be the best avenue to take.

Let me explain…

I believe somebody’s anger (their presenting symptom) to be no different to another’s depression; phobia; anxiety; OCD; trauma; etc. Every symptom has an origin, and every origin is utterly specific to each individual. For just as one person’s depression has an origin wholly exclusive to them; the individual with anger issues will have their own entirely unique origin as well.

You wouldn’t (or I’d argue, shouldn’t) engage in an all-purpose depression class or a generic bereavement management course, of say, six sessions in a classroom. I personally find the idea of placing a bunch of people with anger management issues under one roof and throwing the same one-size-fits-all material at them, with the hope of achieving an optimal outcome; to be optimistic at best, and myopic at worst.

For as inconceivable as it is for me (from an entirely personal therapeutic standpoint) to comprehend the very existence of these courses; I do get their appeal. To be able to sit amongst a crowd of similarly afflicted individuals would certainly be reassuring. To be able to achieve a degree of anonymity within the confines of the group setting. To be able to hide oneself away. Once again, all very appealing.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, founded on over three decades of professional experience, inappropriate anger can only ever be realistically eradicated by individual psychotherapeutic sessions.

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