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Anger Management Perth by Analysis WA 08 9328 5165

Professional therapy services for the people of Perth.

On “Anger Management” - An open letter from the Principal Psychotherapist.

“Hi, I’m looking for Anger Management classes; do you guys run these…?"

The above question is one frequently asked here. As such we may conclude two things. Firstly, not only is there great demand for such courses; but secondly, there definitely exists a commonly held belief that anger can be adequately addressed en masse via a classroom format. Although I don’t know where this notion originates (films perhaps?); what I do know, is that in my personal and professional opinion, it cannot possibly be the best avenue to take. Let me explain…

I believe somebody’s anger (their presenting symptom) to be no different to another’s depression; phobia; anxiety; OCD; trauma; etc. Every symptom has an origin, and every origin is utterly specific to each individual. For just as one person’s depression has an origin wholly exclusive to them; the individual with anger issues will have their own entirely unique origin as well.

You wouldn’t (or I’d argue, shouldn’t) engage in an all-purpose depression class or a generic bereavement management course, of say, six sessions in a classroom. I personally find the idea of placing a bunch of people with anger management issues under one roof and throwing the same one-size-fits-all material at them, with the hope of achieving an optimal outcome; to be optimistic at best, and myopic at worst.

For as difficult as it is for me (from an entirely personal therapeutic standpoint) to comprehend the existence of these courses, I do get their appeal. To be able to sit amongst a bunch of similarly afflicted individuals would certainly be reassuring. To be able to achieve a degree of anonymity within the confines of the group setting; to be able to hide oneself away. Once again, all very appealing. Nevertheless, in my opinion founded on over a quarter of a century’s professional experience, inappropriate anger can only ever be truly eradicated by individual psychotherapeutic sessions.

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Analysis WA 08 9328 5165

Professional anger management services for the people of Perth.

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Anger Therapy Services

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Counselling is a process which allows you to talk about your anger, feelings and concerns, within a confidential and supportive environment.

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Your therapist at Analysis WA is trained in, and has considerable experience with, a wide variety of anger issues and clinical presentations.

About us

Analysis WA is a professional counselling & therapy service.

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“With so many practices springing up in Perth, why should I choose Analysis WA…?"

Why Choose Analysis WA?

Like me, I’m sure you have all known immensely diligent, highly conscientious and very proficient plumbers (for example); people who truly deliver in all areas. However, it is equally possible to happen upon their polar-opposite: the completely shocking individual who, in point of fact, creates more problems that they were recruited to fix in the first place. Having spent a lifetime in the mental health arena, I am deeply ashamed to admit that equally, the medical profession is unfortunately no different to any other.

Although it is wholly understandable to assume that all Counselling & Psychotherapy practices are identical, and therefore all mental health clinicians are equally capable of delivering the same outcome; the uncomfortable truth of the matter is, they don’t.

Experienced Practitioner

My private practice (Analysis WA) was thus born out of the frustrations and inconsistencies experienced as a clinician in hospitals and larger clinics. Where bureaucracy, stifling administrative restrictions and limited therapeutic scope, can prevent the simple delivery of gold standard, highly specialised, and crucially, individualised care.

With two undergraduate & two postgraduate qualifications, one quarter of a century’s experience, and many thousands of people helped thus far; I can honestly say, that the process employed here works.

Hopefully now you can begin to see the utter folly in shopping around based on price alone. For the only thing that can truly be guaranteed, will be the acquisition of the cheapest product. Which almost certainly will not serve you best.

Now the apple is different for each person. For some it is a symptom .. for others it may be a maladaptive coping-mechanism

Apples Vs. Oranges?

“This is my apple, the bane of my life"

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“The vital importance in choosing the correct therapy practice, the correct clinician, and the correct psychotherapeutic orientation"

Why Choose Analysis WA?

Over the years, and on an hourly basis, people continue to enter my office. They all do so whilst firmly grasping their apple. Moreover, they declare, “This is my apple, the bane of my life; if you can fix it for me, everything will be perfect once more”. Now the apple is different for each person. For some it is a symptom: depression, anxiety, OCD, anger, infidelity, etc. For others it may be a maladaptive coping-mechanism: over-drinking, overeating, overworking, smoking, infidelity (once again), drugs, etc.

Unfortunately, the widely held psychological belief and practise within Western Australia (and indeed the expectation of the apple’s owner) is that success is to be found focussing upon, and consequently removing, the apple. All perfectly logical so far. However, in practise, the logical path can often be a jolly misleading one. For if one does just that, the very best that can be hoped for, is the eradication of the apple. But (I hear you all shout), surely that’s the swiftest and most logical direction to take? Swift and logical… yes; psychotherapeutically prudent… no, not at all.

Symptom Substitution

Why so? Well in point of fact (and in my experience) I find that the solitary eradication of the apple, merely brings about the genesis of yet another apple to replace it (in a process I call symptom substitution).

Q: So how can I expect the psychotherapeutic approach to differ at Analysis WA…?

A: Well here the focus will be on the orange. The orange is not only the originator of that apple, but every apple. If instead of the apple being the focus, the orange is addressed and accordingly eradicated; then not only does their presenting apple vanish, but all future apples are likewise obviated.

Analysis WA 08 9328 5165

Professional anger therapy for the people of Perth.

psychotherapy for rage, frustration and anger-related issues, is an essential, very effective and long-lasting therapeutic intervention

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